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Dinner with a Difference

A practical guide to the preparation and cooking of soft foods

Dear Friends and Supporters

Dinner with a Difference

Welcome to a cookbook with a difference; delicious and nutritious recipes for people with eating and swallowing difficulties. We detail different preparation methods to retain nutrition and colour; innovative use of food molds so that exciting and appetising meals can be created; and we have a ‘commonly asked questions’ section with clear concise advice.

For most of us, eating is one of life’s great pleasures. We take for granted the fact that we can enjoy a wide range of food, tastes, colours and textures. We forget that, for many people, this is not the case. Dental surgery, mouth cancer and swallowing difficulties can lead to people restricting their diet and finding little joy at mealtimes. We want to change that and bring back their pleasure in eating.

This project has been generously sponsored by Vermilion, The Smile Experts, after a fundraising event called “Climbing a Ben for Ben”.

It has also been supported by many of our regular fund raisers, including: The Orcome Trust; pupils of Fettes College, Edinburgh; dental students from Dundee and Glasgow; and the British Society of Dental Hygienists and Therapists. I would also like to thank Liz Grant as the original idea for the book was hers; the designer Kenneth Gray who has worked tirelessly to get it to press; and the photographers, chefs and all donors of recipes and tips.

The generosity, vision and commitment of many people ‘behind the scenes’ and supporters of the project have made this book a reality. I very much hope that this book will provide a practical way to revive interest and enthusiasm in food again for people who find eating difficult for whatever reason.

Download a free PDF copy of the BWT Dinner with a Difference cookbook.

Enquiries regarding this cookbook, comments and information on purchase of molds etc, please contact

Michael Walton MBE

The Ben Walton Trust


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